If you have pain while walking, pain while climbing or downstairs, in standing up from sitting, while sitting on the floor, in long-standing, in cross leg sitting, and in doing many other activities? If you feel the clicking noise while moving your joint? The answer is probably yes, you might have knee arthritis. These are your daily routine activities; you cannot avoid standing, walking, or any of these activities. Many of you have long-standing or persistent walking during your job, and it is not possible to change the situation. Now the big question is, “What should I do with this pain? And how can I get rid of it?”. Before you find out how to get rid of it, let us first understand why it is happening? Here, let us discuss some of the common reasons:

Childbirth The number of complete deliveries of a woman increases the likelihood of developing either the hip or knee arthritis. During pregnancy, females gain around 10 to 16 kg of weight, causing additional pressure on the joints. During pregnancy, posture is also compromised, which puts uneven pressure on knee joints for a long time.

Estrogen Hormones play an important role in osteoarthritis. There is a steep rise in osteoarthritis in women who have achieved menopause. Women who already have OA of the knee can have worsening of the symptoms during this time. Decline in the production of female hormone estrogen increases the risk of arthritis.

Testosterone Alternatively, a testosterone deficiency may put women at risk for osteoarthritis. Hormone testosterone helps in muscle building and men have stronger leg muscles than women. Strong muscles better support the knee joint and helps in reducing the risk of osteoarthritis.